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Agil(e) is your strategic ally in Mexico that will help ensure
your success.

We will tell your story, identify stakeholders and potential partners, and design a complete solution to meet your needs.

Agil(e) professionals, together with our network of allies, analyze an issue and decide the best route to take in close coordination with our clients.

These actions can range from promoting ideas in the media, the formation of coalitions or leading the charge for legal /regulatory

Agil(e) will put your issue on the agenda.

Public Affairs


and analysis

Understanding of the political, media and business environments for timely decision making.
- Tailor-made reports on the political, economic, social, media and business environments.

- Personalized monitoring of public policies and legislation according to client interests.

-Identification of relevant actors, stakeholders and decision makers.


Anticipation and response to public policy challenges.
- Analysis of regional and national opportunities, risks and challenges.

- Analysis of political, legislative and policy trends with the aim of anticipating or responding to decision making.

-Analysis and creation of power and influence maps in decision-making ecosystems.


Proactive and innovative actions for positioning in the public sphere and creating partnerships.
- Strategies for brand positioning or topics of interest in the public sphere.

- Creation and implementation of proposals for government relations and advocacy to make an impact on the public agenda.

- Development of key messages.

- Plan for outreach and opening of dialogue with key actors to find means of understanding and cooperation, including coalition building.

Strategic Communication



Creative results to achieve and impact key audiences.
- Personalized monitoring of traditional and digital media presence, as well as strengthening the presence of brands and concepts.

- Creation of content in English and Spanish to communicate ideas to target markets.

- Webinar optimization: Enhancement of virtual communication.

- Mx3 strategy (media training, media tour, media breakfast) with a strong digital component.


Effective and transparent communication in critical moments to protect an organization’s reputation.
- Preparedness: Training of internal teams and development of crisis response policies and guidelines.

-Develop and execute plan to respond to crisis: consistent messaging in media and with stakeholders; internal and external communication.

- Monitoring for crisis detection.

Business Development



Agil(e) offers tailor-made strategies for interaction with potential clients (public or private). From organizing well-curated policy discussions to preparing due diligence assessments and market intelligence, Agil(e)’s talented team will be an extension of your sales strategy.
- Identify potential business partners.

- Prepare Mexican market intelligence

- Assist with public bidding processes.

- Choose an industrial park/facilities to optimize production.

- Create a complete agenda of meetings linked to the business plan.

through diversity
and inclusion

We are diversity and inclusion experts and will help your organization be more competitive and creative. After performing an assessment, we will work with you to establish goals and metrics to ensure your success.

Mexico City
and beyond

While we are located in Mexico City - undoubtedly the center of business and the Nation’s capital - we have developed relationships with local governments far beyond in states like Nuevo Leon, Querétaro, Jalisco and Colima, which are actively looking to attract foreign investment.
- We also have significant experience throughout the Americas: US, Canada and Latin America. Agil(e) can assist where needed.