ICT on the Public Agenda

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At Agil(e) we know that technology is a vital tool in our lives, never more so than today now that the world has changed so much and we all adjust to a new lifestyle both at home and in relation to our work. In this environment, technology has a profound influence on the daily lives of individuals, as well as businesses and organizations, large and small. In addition, tech’s fast-evolving nature demands that organizations understand trends and public policy discussions alike.

Agil(e) conducts daily analysis to provide strategic support and advice to organizations dealing with technology and communications issues. We offer a wide range of perspectives on these issues in Mexico so that our clients can make sound business decisions. 

In this section you will find a brief summary of the salient issues we have been covering in the ICT sector from multiple angles, followed by the key opportunities and challenges organizations should be focusing on. 



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