About us

We will help your organization achieve its goals

At Agil(e) we will help you analyze and solve the challenges facing your organization.

With a vision that takes into consideration both global trends and local realities, we provide valuable advice and intelligent execution on issues of public affairs, strategic communication, corporate diplomacy and issues management.

Local insight and global understanding that will achieve results

Global vision, regional experience

No matter where you are, we will work with you and your team to deliver tangible results. Having a local presence is more important than ever and that´s exactly what Agil(e) provides, combined with global understanding that includes in-depth knowledge of the dynamics at play in North America and Latin America.


Agil(e) was created when its founders identified the need to fill the gap between government relations firms and public relations agencies by offering a service that is both holistic and personalized.

The firm is led by two professionals who have combined their extensive experience to offer a comprehensive service tailored to the individual needs of each of their clients.


Amy Glover

CEO/ co-founder

Karla Mendoza Alcántara

VP Public Affairs & Comms/ co-founder


Amy Glover

President and Founding Partner

Karla Mendoza Alcántara

Founding Partner and the Director of Public Affairs